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Nutritional Benefits

USDA HUMAN GRADE CHICKEN, FRESH CHICKEN LIVERS, BEEF, AND WILD ALASKAN SALMON, all first class proteins necessary for muscle development, energy and a healthy heart. In guaranteed analysis testing, our pet food’s nutritional benefits EXCEEDED premium level protein requirements

Nutritional Benefits

FRESH VEGETABLES, lightly blanched to retain their excellent nutritional value, supply vitamins, masses of enzymes and various anti-aging factors including anti-oxidants and phytochemicals.


ORGANIC BROWN RICE is one of the most digestible carbohydrates, supplying your pet with a superior energy source in addition to beneficial fiber.

ORGANIC FLAX SEED has been called the “modern miracle food.” It is highly concentrated with ALPHA LINOLENIC ACID, a type of plant-derived omega 3 fatty acid similar to that found in fish such as Salmon.

CRANBERRY is added to support healthy urinary tract function.

TAURINE Our special Feline formula blended with Alaskan Wild Salmon and a Taurine supplement. Taurine is an amino acid that is necessary for cats to maintain a healthy heart and eyes.