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"Our Pomeranian, Mia, has been eating Market Fresh Pet Foods since 2009. We went through nearly every pet food on the market trying to find something nutritional that this picky eater would love. The day she tried this brand our search was over. She loves all the recipes but her favorite is the Chicken and Vegetables. Just recently, she tried the Turkey and Vegetables and loved it. I highly recommend Market Fresh Pet Foods for your pet." -Cheri C.

"My dog’s, Sissie, liver enzymes were raised about 6 months ago. The vet said they were dangerously high and had to be lowered or her liver would be in jeopardy. She is so picky and I found it very hard to find anything good for her that she would eat. I found Marketfresh pet food and tried it. While she was on a liver treatment,it wouldn’t have been enough by itself, without changing her diet. I bought the Roast Beef Melody and Sissie loves it. When I went back to the vet a month later, not only was her enzyme level lowered it was perfect! The vet was amazed and I told her about Marketfresh. I honestly believe that your product saved my baby’s life and I will always be a faithful customer and will tell everyone about the wonderful food that you provide. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" -Kathy W.

"Our little Chihuahua Natasha had practically stopped eating. We tried so many types of food to try to give her a good balanced diet, but the only thing she would touch would be little bites of steak or chicken that we fed her from the table. Then we were in a restaurant in Fort Pierce and overheard a gentleman talking about Market Fresh Pet Foods . He said that it was a natural fresh food—made here in St. Lucie county and sold in frozen portions. At the risk of being rude, we went over and asked him about where we could obtain the food. He gave us a phone number and said the company had a website. We contacted them and they gave us some free samples. Natasha loved it! Now she only eats Market Fresh Pet Food. Her coat is shiny, she is perky, and we feel good that she is getting excellent nutrition. Market Fresh Pet Foods is the perfect solution to our “picky eater” problem." -Lynn B.

"Hello I have a domesticated pet red fox named Arsi. He was introduced to the frozen meat and veg treats a week ago. He loves the Atlantic Salmon in the feline selection. He needs the amino acid Taurine, like cats do. I will try some of the canine samples to see if he likes them also. Glad to discover this food." - Carol

"Boozie loves her Beef Roast Medley. Every night she waits until she hears the computer being shut down and then she knows it is dinner time and she begins her “chicky chick” dance. She has been fed Market Fresh pet food since a pup – we started her on the chicken recipe, and she has been dancing every night – she is now 3 years old. She has a beautiful coat, clear “blueberry” eyes and is such a healthy and happy girl." -Christopher P.