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Vet Endorsement

Fellow Animal Lovers,

Have you ever heard the old adage you are what you eat? Never has such a simple statement held so much merit. Our bodies conduct complicated physiologic processes every second, and the fuel that “drives the machine” is derived from what we put into it.

Over the past 10-15 years there as been a huge surge in the advancement of nutrition to eat green and healthy. Numerous studies in human medicine have shown that diets high in lean protein and fiber and low in unhealthy carbohydrates and fats reduce the occurrence of certain cancers, inflammatory, and immune related diseases. Why would we think any different for our beloved animal companions?

Veterinary medicine is ever progressing and gaining profound new knowledge on the importance of nutrition. Up to twenty years ago we did not know that cats required certain levels of amino acid taurine to maintain normal homeostasis, glucosamine/chondroitin could slow the progression of osteoarthritis, or the importance of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in allergic dermatitis.

Today, many commercial diets are composed largely of carbohydrates such as corn and wheat to provide bulk to the diet. Numerous preservatives and fillers are added to increase shelf life and palatibility. Protein sources are derived from “by-products” and “meal” so costs of manufacturing are kept to a minimum, but the quality of protein is sacrificed. I am sure many of you have heard of the several pet food recalls due to contamination resulting in renal failure and sometimes death. It is not that the majority of commercial made diets are harmful for animals, but if there are foods available of much superior quality and nutrition shouldn’t we consider feeding our animals these instead?

Several holistic and raw food diets are available through certain veterinarians and specialty shops. Currently many of these diets are expensive and not feasible for multi-pet households or for larger dogs. Home cooking can be tedious and time consuming, and also may not completely be balanced in all essential nutrients. An ideal product would be affordable, convenient to feed, and provide the highest quality of ingredients resulting in superior nutrition for our companions to keep their bodies healthy and free of disease. Market Fresh Pet Foods may be the answer. The philosophy that wholesome nutrition, derived from wholesome ingredients will result in optimal health, is the foundation of the company.

Before switching a pet to a new diet, you should ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR VETERINARIAN. Every animal has individual requirements based on age, concurrent disease, activity, nursing and pregnancy, or other factors that may alter your pet’s energy demands. At your next annual exam discuss nutrition with your veterinarian and the benefits of feeding a high quality diet.

Sincerely for the well being of our companion animals,

Matthew D. Wallace, D.V.M.
Tri County Animal Hospital
St. Lucie County, Florida